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Chef Ismail Ahmad

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Chef Ismail Admad
Chef Ismail, Malaysia's Food Ambassador and celebrity Chef, is famous for his preparation of local dishes and for his expertise in preparing international dishes. He is often invited overseas to promote local dishes through cooking demonstrations.

In the US, Chef Ismail was invited to cook at Water Mill Art Centre in South Hampton.

His liveliness is often felt through watching his cooking programmes on television. He has his own programme in Ala-Ala Kampung on Astro Ria. Chef Ismail is a spokesman for QBB ghee, Nestle and Beras Jati products in Malaysia.

Chef Ismail is not just an ordinary chef as many of us who are familiar with his cooking shows featured on television will agree. There's always something about his style and on-the-screen charisma that sets him apart from the rest.