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Devagi Sanmugam, cookbook author, food columnist, cooking instructor, entrepreneur and professional bon vivant, is one of Singapore's most dynamic and talented food personalities. Her culinary career began more than 20 years ago as a cooking instructor and has since impressively built her portfolio. Having proved to be an inspiring cookbook author with several cookbooks under her belt, Devagi Sanmugam continues to innovate and inspire, and is constantly involved in developing and testing original recipes for food companies and restaurants.

Widely known as the 'Spice Queen' of Singapore, Devagi Sanmugam has gained national and international prominence through feature articles in magazines and newspapers, TV cooking programmes such as the BBC and CNN. Over the years, she has also conducted cooking workshops in San Francisco, Texas, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Colombo and Sweden; where she taught chefs from all over Europe the finer points of Asian cuisine.

Devagi Sanmugam, with her rich experiences and in-depth knowledge of the culinary world, continues to lend her expertise to prestigious food events like annual Singapore Food Festival and has been a longstanding panelist with Wine & Dine - Singapore's Top Restaurant Guide.

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